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This series is comprised of two bodies of work and originated from the exploration of intense, personal emotions. I became very interested in the subject of women's grief and sadness after seeing many images of personal loss and devastation in the face of war, urban and domestic violence and natural calamities. Traveling to various countries had also revived an interest in religious iconography, including in particular, portraits and statues of the Madonna. Seeing the incredible sorrow expressed in the face and body of various paintings and sculptures of the Madonna, I was strongly reminded of the faces of these contemporary women suffering their own losses.
This sorrow (that of mothers who suffer all over the world) became the subject of this new work. I found that digital holograms seemed to bring forward the same potent effect as found in the early, traditional methods of painting, drawing and sculpture and thus began the holographic portraits.
The photographic/drawings are a combination of images and drawings that I found could enhance the idea of the profound sorrow of suffering mothers.